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5 Social Media Mistakes that Salon Should Avoid !

May 05, 2023

Nice To Meet You

I'm Naim Nahed 

I've been in the hairdressing industry since 1995, I transitioned to become a salon educator for L'Oréal Middle East, leading the entire education department for over a decade. In 2021, I founded NXPERT Consulting to empower salon owners with proven strategies for revenue growth. As a trusted advisor, I offer personalized coaching and innovative solutions tailored to each salon's needs. My extensive experience in hairdressing, salon operations, marketing, and sales ensures that I provide invaluable insights for success. I am dedicated to unlocking salon owners' untapped potential, optimizing their business models, and achieving remarkable results. Let's embark on a transformative journey together and create thriving salons that leave a lasting impact. Join me as we unlock new possibilities and elevate the beauty industry to new heights.

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"Naim is the person who did a lot of changes in my personality and skills as it improved my profession i am now the top 5 successful hair artist in the world, thank you Naim "

- Reena Buhassan-

"Naim helped me set the right goals for my brand and set a proper strategy on how to achieve it, and made me believe that any goal can be achieved with the right mindset and good plan.

-Mike Alam-

"Naim had been in the industry for over 20 years with so much bespoke experience . I have worked with him closely for quite a few years and has help me personally and professionally so much"

-Natalie O'Sallivan-

"Success is choice and a reward of those who act fast "

-Naim Nahed-

Salon Sales Brilliance 

Unleash the power of actionable solutions and proven strategies to ignite daily sales and supercharge your monthly profits in record time. Welcome to Salon Sales Brilliance, the renowned salon business coaching and consulting program that has consistently earned top ratings.


3 Questions for you .. if you are a salon owner

1. Are you fed up with the constant revenue struggle, desperately seeking ways to skyrocket your profits and take your business to new heights?

2. Are you exhausted from tirelessly experimenting with every marketing tactic in the book, only to see your client base dwindle? It's time to break free from the social media frenzy, influencer campaigns, and cookie-cutter marketing agencies that have failed you.

3. Are you on the verge of burnout, sick of the never-ending quest to assemble a dream team that not only delivers exceptional service but consistently smashes monthly sales targets? It's time to revolutionize your approach and finally find the winning formula.

If you nodded yes to any of these three questions, then Salon Sales Brilliance is the perfect program for you.

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" As someone fairly new to the industry, the course helped me get a holistic perspective on how to run a salon efficiently and effectively. Things that would have taken me years to figure out on my own were easily taught to me in bite sized info through the course. We were able to double our sales within two months of doing the course. Following the completion of the one-to-one sessions, having the assurance that we have access to Naim through his weekly group mentoring sessions is rewarding.

The course is an absolute game-changer for those who follow it and take action in a persistent and consistent manner. "

- Anie John -


"From our 1st session with Salon Sales Brilliance (Naim) it has been a step in the right direction which has only been upward building us up in all aspects.

  • Finding our niche
  • Providing the best options for our Targeted clients
  • Building our Perfect team let's not forget making that money! "

It has been an amazing program I would highly recommend it.

So a rating out of 5 would definitely be a 10!

You can't go wrong Salon Sales Brilliance.

- Keira Lee -

" And after 2 years trying to survive from the economic crisis to covid and the long lock down that we faced I felt its not the business that I want to spend my life in , until I met Naim and I had started with the coaching Program Salon Sales Brilliance

Now I completed my 4 weeks and I can feel I am more motivated, more understanding to what is surrounding me, the tested formulas and rules truly works.

And the most important is numbers.. Yes ! my sales are increasing.

Thanks Naim Nahed you are brilliant ! "

- Zainab AL Saeed -